The Power of the SIM Control Process

SimHub is an automation platform offers a complete set of provisioning,HLR Disconnect and SIMReuse capabilities that improves SIM management and delivers an end-to-end. its simplex solution for telecom service provider to identify the SIM where they were stuck. It will provide advanced, real-time, SIM data analysis that will help Telecom Service Providers to make the decision to operate more efficiently and manage perfectly to meet the demand as globally the SIM card market is increasing rapidly.

Quickly and easily manage, automate, and optimize your processes and workflows with the SimHub Process Platform to digitally transform faster.


SIM Provisioing

In telecommunication,Provisioning is the process of preparing and equipping a network to allow it to provide (new) services to its users. SIM provisioning is a process to activate the SIM Card network and services before it is used by customers.

SimHub is an automation platform to pair the mobile number range or sim which are cleansing for reuse for provisioning, SSN serial, service provider, Manufacturing details, subscription type, tariff plan and card details for the provisioning (will be paired and that has been fed to the SIM data, every system and core networking).


HLR Disconnect

SimHub will receive the SIMs from Source Systems to identify the list of SIMs that have not been used or activated within a specified time frame and not have an adverse impact on the customer experience or the operational service of the Telecom service provider.

HLR Reclaim: SIMs that have not been used within a specified timeframe.
HLR Recovery: SIMs that have not been activated within a specified timeframe.
SimHub will transfer the files to Source Systems (the system which manages disconnections on the network) and a disconnection reason will also be available.
The final stage is to record the closing balance of the SIM at the point of disconnection.
SimHub will will be move to Cleansing process after quarantine period

SIM ReUser

SimHub platform has capable to identifies the list of SIM to cleansing and resue those SIM after quarantine period.
SIM such that they can be used again within the same application, by another Customer and not have an adverse impact on the Customer experience or the operational service of Telecom Operator’s systems. It is imperative that all systems undertake timely cleansing of the MSISDNs to ensure that new Customers can receive recycled numbers with no risk of being impacted by historical profiles or services linked to that mobile.

Quarantine Period
The quarantine period is defined as the period between the disconnection of a number in Source System and that number entering the cleansing process. .


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